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In the South of Lake Elibor, in Gorvanon, a stretch of mountains spreads in the land from the Eastern Range of the Emin Duath. This small range, known as the EMIN DRUUN forms part of the border between Gorvanon and Moranon. On the northern side of this range lies a wide zone of swamps, spreading between the Elibor and the Emin Druun. These swamps are in fact a collection of hundreds of small islands of size varying from just enough space for a tree to big as a small castle, surrounded by a myriad of narrow waterways, some completely clogged by vegetation. Some of these islands are solid, other are mainly sand or mud banks. This area is known as the GOLGOR SWAMPS. They are inhabitated by ermits, outcasts and strange creatures and are shunned by the populations of Gorvanon. They form a natural protection for the hills and the mountains rising just behind them, where nests one of the strangest cities of the Enclave: ORGONZE.


There is supposed to be some paths to walk through the Golgor swamps but they are quite elusive, not marked, and often changing as the waterways shift. It is dangerous to take any visible path for granted. It is much safer to take a boat although that can involev a fair deal of wandering through the maze of islands. Visibility is limited with the many trees and bushes growing everywhere, from spiky Red Tarnoments with their tempting but poisonous fruits, to majestuous Willows and giant Boccobas whose feathery dark leaves shift sloftly in the wind. Many beautiful fruits and flowers grow on the islands, thanks to a warm climate as the swamps collect water from many hotsprings flowing down from higher in the mountains. It is indeed a beautiful area to wander in, watching at night the reflection of the moons and the stars in the still waters and in day the many hues the suns give to the quiet mists that drift over the canals.

As of 5301, the best way to get in the swamps is to stop at the Willow Inn, on the northern edge, and arrange there for a boat and a guide. Most of them can be trusted although it is said that some lose their customers on purpose in the swamps...

After the swamps start the mountains, first with a few rolling hills covered in green grass and orchards, displaying the many colors of the appletrees, cherrytrees, the straight Fulsins and the twisted Bonguses. Quickly though, the land rises and the soft earth gives place to hard stone. One road only leads to Orgonze, but it is easy to find as it begins with a great stone door, always open since the last war that pit the city against the neighborhood duchies. The door used to be part of a long destroyed castle and only small remains of the walls and a few scattered stones can be seen nearby, along with the grave of Draken Casteros, defender of Orgonze, a mighty warrior who fell during the fight in 5198.

The road climbs steeply in the mountains and reaches a plateau where stands Orgonze, surrounded by mountains. The weather is surprisingly mild as the ground is full of hot springs that warm up the land. It is therefore a very fertile land and even in autumn, trees and flowers still blossom. The approach of the city is marked by many farms, prosperous looking, where can be seen grazing the brown and white sturdy cows typical from the area, along with the long horned goats with their thick wool and the black white spotted pigs that give the delicious sausages of Orgonze.

Orgonze is a small but dense city of grey stones buildings with roofs of blue tiles and black slate. The buildings are high and the streets narrow, apart from several wide avenues lined with trees. It is surrounded by a high wall and has only two main entrances, in the north toward the plains, and the south, toward the mountains. These gates are heavily guarded.

Orgonze is unique in the Enclave. It is a place where all the magic users, non humans, and worshippers of various deities can find shelters. The easiest way for many of them would have been to leave the Enclave, but for their own reasons, many prefered to remain in the Enclave, far from wars and great dangers. The city was founded in 4832, and destroyed five times. As the community grew in size, it drew the ire of the Jesuanist clergy and the authorities of the nearby duchies. Several times, they sent hosts of arms to destroy this nest of magic and paganism. Each time though, the survivors rebuilt it. Its heavily protected situation made it hard for a complete destruction, siege and thorough campaigning. After the years, an uneasy compromise was accepted. Orgonze would remain untouched, if its population swore not to spread their beliefs and magic in the Enclave. The city is self sufficient thanks to its small population and the fertile lands surrounding it. It therefore exists apart from the life in the Enclave, forgotten by all but some adventure seekers and the high clergy who would like the problem to be settled once and for all.

There is a high contrast between the peaceful appearance of the city, quite elegant with its tall buildings, many flowers, old trees, and its population. It is a congregation of ex adventurers of any kind, all the renegades from the Enclave. There are thieves, assassins, wizards, sorcerers, priests of any cult, and a full variety of non human races. It is said that anything and any service can be found in Orgonze if the price is right. This is more of a legend though, as the city has not much contact with the outside world and lacks the more exotic services and items that could be found in the major other cities of Dorimghen. But for the Enclave, it is certainly a source of wonder. It is the only place where magic and religion can be practised freely in the land. Temples of all the major deities rise in the temples'district and all kinds of magic users live behind the dark wood doors of the narrow mansions.

There are about 20000 people living in Orgonze. They all are reservists, members of the army, having to follow a basic military training at the age of 15 with some regular update training every few months after that. In case of emergency, they can all be called to the defense of the city. For daily purposes and security, there is however a professional milice composed of hardened fighters. The magic users in Orgonze are free and not really united although they are represented by a council of mages whose members are appointed by the ruling body.

The city is ruled by a Military Governor, elected every 5 years, with the position of commander in chief of the army. He is elected by and among the council of leading citizens. These citizens represent the various trades in the city. (Thieves, Fighters, Priests, Magic Users, Craftsmen, Shopkeepers, Innkeepers, Farmers...). They are usually designed by their peers for a period of 7 years. In 5301, the Governor is BALAS BARTES.

A notable place of interest in the city is, rising from the Tamar Square, the observatory tower. It is both designed for the observation of the sky, the stars, the moons and the suns, and also to watch over the surrounding lands and prevent any invasion of the city. It is permanently manned. It is also the oldest building in Orgonze, as well as the tallest, having never been destroyed through all the wars. It is topped by a splendid quartz cuppola that shines with various hues under the light of the suns. It can be visited for a moderate fee.

Human and Non-Human mix freely in Orgonze although they tend to split in different districts where the various races gather between folks of the same origin.

Inns for the travelers (and for the local people looking for meals and refreshments) can be found in various districts, from the shady taverns of the thieves'district, to the elegant hotels of the Heaven's square. According to the visitor's money, a few establishments can be recommended:

The Assassins, in the thieves' district. (Strong drinks, cheap food and accomodation, but no safety guaranteed). The Merry Boar in the market district. (Good simple food, plain but clean rooms). The Bazaar. Near the market, it is located in the district called the Bazaar where any strange thing can be bought. This place has also a gambling licence and any thing can be won or lost in its backrooms. There is also a message board where people recruiting adventurers of medium skills place ads. A good place to get into the adventure, get hired, or simply get in troubles. Fair food, strong drinks and powerful bouncers!). The Wanderer's inn on Freedom square. (More expensive, but good service and a nice view, a favored place of skilled adventurers). The Scholar's inn on Library square. (Favored by traveling mages, good drinks, refined food and a very quiet place). The Roasting Dragon on Heaven's square. (The best food in Orgonze. Quite expensive). The Signs on Heaven's square. (The trendy and upper class club where the Vips and high level characters gather to sample the best drinks in town.)



(The north is toward the top of the map)

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Nota: The little dots in the middle of squares are fountains. Most of them are hot, sometimes hot enough to boil eggs, but a few are fresh.

























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